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Welcome to The Dev Project!

Is it just about Laravel? This is a place for sharing ideas about developing software. The first one, LarAppOne (opens in a new tab) is a Laravel 5.5 project. first of all,  it has lots of cool features. In addition, it uses  Elasticsearch 5.6 for the internal searches. As a result, it shows the power of these two…
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Digital Ocean Ubuntu – Setting up a SFTP User with Limited Access

It should be simple: limit the SFTP access… Today I had to setup a user that is only allowed to upload files via SFTP to certain directory. Easy task, huh? It should be, but because of the way Digital Ocean setup the Ubuntu server —16.04 in this case–, it took me a while until I could…
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Laravel: Fast Grid & Pagination – Part 3

Let’s give it a grid The last article showed us how to fetch and show the records on a page.  Let’s start displaying them nicely in a grid. A grid, as you may guess, is a table: So, make the <body> section of your blade file to look like: <body> <h1>Users</h1> <table id=”visitsDataGrid” class=”table responsive”>…
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Grid & Pagination

Laravel: Fast Grid & Pagination – Part 2

Creating the Grid Part 1 of this series has shown us a real app with a grid holding more than 124,000 records with pagination using only Laravel features. Now it’s time to create our own version of it. For this example, let’s use the User table once it is created by default when you first…
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Grid & Pagination

Laravel Fast Grid and Pagination – Part 1

When starting this demo project, LarAppOne, the intention was to use some sort of grid “component” for showing a list of records. It could be JQWidgets, KendoUI, among others. However, the first choice was Laravel Datatables. If you have ever used Datatables you may know it has some very interesting features and is sort of easy…
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SSH – Handling ‘Broken-Pipe’ Issue with tmux

Nobody Likes the Broken-Pipe Guy I don’t know about you, but I have got a lot of ssh interrupted connections when I least wanted them… in short, though we may understand the reasons behind the “broken-pipe”, it’s quite annoying. The last article explained how to make Scout index manually imported records, but unless you are…
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Laravel Logo

Laravel Scout Indexing

Searching What You Don’t See One of the Elasticsearch features I like most is the way you can set up the indexes to retrieve the data and how Scout nicely handles it. In our case, the main grid does not directly show what composes a visit, i.e. one has to click the plus sign to see…
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Git Repo

We just made the LarAppOne code available:


API Docs – See how they work

The LarAppOne demo site has a set of APIs to allow external access to the database and today we published the API Docs. Here is where you can find them — all links will open in a new tab: Introduction, Postman and Auth: — here you will find a detailed explanation about using Postman to…
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sql Log

Laravel 5.5: How To Log a Query String

What Are We  Resolving? During development it’s very common to have the need to check how a query is being parsed. Also, many times we will want to check the output directly in the database. For instance, say you have this query that, somehow, is producing some unexpected results. How should you log it? $sql_sales_by_month=DB::table(‘visits’)…
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